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NC Optimization Software

Production Module 5.9

Powered by Third Wave SystemsDeveloped by Third Wave Systems, this NC optimization software integrates physics-based material models, CAD/CAM inputs, tooling and workpiece geometries, and machine dynamics. This technology empowers users to make better informed decisions on tooling and toolpath strategies, creating processes that machine dramatically faster while improving tool life and part quality.


  • Reduced cycle times
  • Maximized machine utilization
  • Reduced tool breakage
  • Increased production

Production Module Fact Sheet (PDF)

Case Studies

Adaptive Manufacturing Software

Machining of larger aero structure and composite components can present an array of challenges from setup, to reliability in condition of supply.  Delcam addresses these problems directly with a host of adaptive fixturing and adaptive alignment capabilities. Whether the challenge is a flexible part, variable incoming material condition, movement due to heat treatment or other variables that make the machining process difficult to manage, Delcam can resolve these problems and bring efficiency and reliability to the machining process.


Instead of a traditional linear progression from CAD to CAM to machining to inspection, a more integrated approach is needed, with in-process inspection data providing real time intelligence at critical stages in the machining process. This data then is used at critical stages in the manufacturing process to eliminate the unknown and uncertain details of the process. By integrating inspection into the machining process we are able to improve accuracy and cycle times as well as reduce scrap and eliminate costly manual work.

Delcam Product Fact Sheets

Delcam Adaptive Manufacturing tools

Delcam Adaptive Manufacturing Tools

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