Adaptive Manufacturing

The programming of most machining operations is based on knowing three main things:

  1. The position of the work piece on the machine
  2. The starting shape of the material to be machined
  3. The final shape that needs to be achieved

When at least one of the above elements is unknown, adaptive machining techniques allow successful machining by using in-process inspection to close the gaps in the process chain.  Utilizing tools from Delcam, specifically designed for adaptive manufacturing, we assist your team in the manufacture of large composite, structural or non-conforming parts.

Delcam Adaptive Manufacturing tools

Delcam Adaptive Manufacturing Tools

With the use of a machine tool probe and software tools, we can accurately locate your part on the machine and then adapt and orient the NC program into the part space. The aim of these tools is to reduce setup time and to increase part quality and part repeatability.